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This list is intended to offer you ideas, inspiration and action items.

We will add to it regularly. If you've got a resource of your own that you'd like to suggest, please let us know.

  • The Civil Conversations Project includes audio and video interviews about challenging topics and guides for starting difficult conversations.
  • The TED Radio Hour dedicated an episode to Reconciliation with a variety of perspectives about how we can better connect and compromise.
  • "The 'Other Side' Is Not Dumb" - Here's a quote from this insightful article on the Medium web platform: "This is not a “political correctness” issue. It’s a fundamental rejection of the possibility to consider that the people who don’t feel the same way you do might be right. It’s a preference to see the Other Side as a cardboard cut out, and not the complicated individual human beings that they actually are."
  • Another interesting take on the election from a blogger named Jennifer Borget, who has a perspective that might surprise you.
  • Learn about The Compliments Project, one middle school teacher's lesson that helped helped middle school students offer thoughtful, honest and forgiving comments to each other.
  • "Why America Is Self-Segregating" - written by technology researcher Danah Boyd looks at specific ways that we have becoming increasingly disconnected, despite the expectation that technology would do the opposite. "If we want to develop a healthy democracy, we need a diverse and highly connected social fabric. This requires creating contexts in which the American public voluntarily struggles with the challenges of diversity to build bonds that will last a lifetime."
  • The Edit Your Life podcast dedicated an episode to a Post-Election Action Plan.